Portland's Premier Self-Serve Dog Wash & Pet Supply company

The Dog Wash Etc. @ Pets on Point has been in business since 2004. We are now in our new 5,500 square foot space in Suite 5 at 1037 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine!

With 20 years of experience, you can trust us to find the right nutrition for your pet’s needs and other health concerns you might have. We provide professional services that help you treat your pet with a gentle, loving touch.

We currently offer a variety of pet foods, products & accessories and we also have a self-service dog grooming facility, including nail trims, and sanitary services.

Our expanded space has a new grooming studio staffed by two incredible professional groomers. We have also added a state of the art tropical betta fish system, with an unmatched variety of bettas in stunning colors and patterns. With many years of experience and knowledge in animal care, we are a one-stop-shop for all your furry friend’s needs, be it right nutrition, grooming, or any other health-related issues like allergies or weight management; we can help you find the right solution.

We look forward to meeting your pet at our store in Portland.

Our Philosophy

At The Dog Wash Etc. @ Pets on Point, our philosophy is simple: develop friendships with our customers and help keep your pets heathy and clean. You can always count on our team to answer your questions and help you with your pet grooming or any other issues you are facing.

You can reach out to us to get the right guidance and trust us with it because we love pets as much as you do. That’s right; we love making new four-legged friends!

DOG WASH ETC VIDEO (circa 2010)